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Little Loner X
Little Loner sees the world through a screen,
And all of his friends prefer not to be seen.
His inquiries answered and research aligns,
With others like him that follow the signs.
Little Loner is likely the busiest one,
Though few truly seem to understand his fun.
His loner world is a much bigger place,
Than the dramas that often take up too much space.


Print size 6.5x6.5.
Limited edition of 30 prints, 28 released in this sale. Single-eye sleep mask, Little Loner button, Lino print, poem, mini fly, and number card included with protected print.
One Little Loner will be released per week until their exhibit of originals, as part of Kat's multi series exhibition Tornado Dreams at Spiritus Tattoo, September 2nd, 2017.

Shipping included for domestic orders only.

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