• Image of Little Loner VIII
  • Image of Little Loner VIII

Little Loner VIII
Little Loner is an artist of smell and taste,
He’s a master of food and his canvas is a plate.
The kitchen brings him such delight,
And he whips up a dish until it’s just right.
Little Loner can turn his sadness into joy,
For a foul mood is for a great meal to destroy.
“A little of this and a little of that” is his secret,
And like every great magician, he will keep it.


Print size 6.5x6.5.
Limited edition of 30 prints, 28 released in this sale. Cat whisker, Little Loner button, Lino print, poem, mini fly, and number card included with protected print.
One Little Loner will be released per week until their exhibit of originals, as part of Kat's multi series exhibition Tornado Dreams at Spiritus Tattoo, September 2nd, 2017.

Shipping included for domestic orders only.

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  • Little Loner VIII
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